Moustache-tastic Piercing Jewellery for Movember

Moustache body jewellery is ideal for your Movember piercing.  We have moustache jewellery for your septum, ear, tongue, lip and navel piercings.  Show your support without actually growing a moustache!Belly Bar - Moustache

For your navel piercing we have the black dangle moustache belly bar and the Union Jack moustache belly bar. Both 1.6mm gauge x 10mm length.Belly Bar - Union Jack Moustache

 For your septum piercing we have the fabulous, and inventively named, septum moustache in black steel(PVD) available in 3 different gauges – 1.6mm, 2mm and 2.5mm.PVD Black Steel Septum Moustache

 For your tongue piercing we have these super cute acrylic moustache tongue barbells in black, orange, pink, purple and red.1.6mm gauge x 10 -16mm length bars. 14mm is the most popular for tongue piercings.Acrylic Moustache Tongue Barbell

 The acrylic moustache attachments are also available without the bar so you can add them to any 1.6mm gauge bar you have!  It would look great on a 1.6mm medusa/philtrum piercing, or try on a 1.6mm labret or barbell.PVD Black Steel Labret with Casting 1.2 + 1.6mm

For your ear piercings we have a black steel moustache labret and black steel moustache micro barbell in 1.2mm gauge x 6 – 12mm lengths. Great for rim, tragus and conch piercings.  These are also available in 1.6mm gauge.PVD Black Steel Barbell with Casting 1.2 +1.6mm

 For your stretched ear piercing we have the monocle moustache plug that glows in the dark too! Available in 6 sizes from 4mm to 14mm gauge.Acrylic Monocle Moustache Plug Glow in the Dark