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A Blaggers Guide To Getting FREE Body Jewellery

If you love body jewellery, you’re going to love it even more if you get it for free, right? Well this quick guide will give you tips for scoring some free body jewellery courtesy of t’internet and “social stuff”.

You’ll need at least ONE of these.

1 x Facebook account, lightly sprinkled with a fine selection of good friends and rich relatives OR

1 x Twitter account, filled with random followers and secret millionaires OR

1 x Google+ account, with circles packed with like-minded, generous individuals.

AND a link to the shiny piece of new body jewellery that you absolutely must have. e.g.

Got that. What now?

Now, you need to set your bait. You need to carefully craft together the right words to capture the right person. Take those words and plant them on FB, Twitter or Google+ and then sit back and wait for your prey to bite. This is best explained with a few short examples.

TDi Body Jewellery on FacebookTarget:          Relatives on FB
Approach:   Subtle pulling on the heart-strings

“It’s sooo long ‘til my birthday and my purse is empty, but for a beautiful picture of my parents that I looooove. Too bad I’ll have to wait before I can buy [insert link to item of body jewellery here]”

This doesn’t work if a) your parents don’t approve or didn’t even know of your piercings and b) you’re looking for jewellery for a somewhat intimate piercing ; )

TDi Body Jewellery on TwitterTarget:          That gazillionaire philanthropist that follows you on Twitter
Approach:    No holding back

“ZOMG! Must haz this [insert link to item of body jewellery here]! Plz buy for me or retweet before I die!!!”

TDi Body Jewellery on Google+Target:           Your circle of friends on G+ (time it to go out a week before your birthday)
Approach:    Plant the seed of thought

“Wow, sooo going to spend my birthday money on a pair of these [insert link to item of body jewellery here] for my [insert pierced body part here]”

Time it right and you’ll catch them when they’re thinking about what to get you. Time it wrong and they’ll have already bought you something you didn’t want. And don’t worry about expense – they can always club together : )

A final word

We have buttons on our product pages which, when clicked will get your message across and help point your audience to the right place. Don’t forget to mention which size/colour you want to avoid disappointment.

TDi Body Jewellery Blagging GuideYou now have the magic ingredients, but don’t over-cook it. You’ll soon see your followers, friends and family losing interest if you’re constantly dropping hints. Worse still, they might steal your idea and keep all that blagging juice to themselves!

Go forth and blaggify!

If you try it, let us know – we might even retweet your blags for you 😉