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Sterile Titanium Body Jewellery

Ready to use, Sterile Titanium body jewellery is just so convenient! Pre-sterilised piercing jewellery is individually sealed, dated & sterile up to 5 years.

Sterile piercing jewellery is perfect for the piercing professional and ideal for personal use.  We all know how important it is to clean your body jewellery before you pop it in your piercing and we’ve made it so easy for you with our pre-sterilised body jewellery.


Sterile Titanium Barbell 1.6mmSterile titanium barbells are available in 1.6mm gauge and 12mm – 38mm lengths. Suitable for lots of piercings from tongues and nipples to industrial scaffold ear piercings.

TDi Sterile body jewellery is sterilised using Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilisation for maximum quality and confidence.  This high quality sterilisation method is very effective at killing bacteria, fungi and mould. When stored correctly (kept out of the light) the jewellery will remain sterile for up to 5 years.


Sterile Titanium Double Jewelled Belly BarsSterile titanium belly bars have 5mm and 8mm balls on 1.6mm gauge x 10mm and 12mm length bars.  Available with plain ballssingle jewelled or double jewelled clear gems.

Our sterile piercing jewellery is individually sealed in a sterilisation pouch that is marked with the date of sterilisation, the expiry date and a lot number. Each sterile pouch is placed in an individual product envelope with clear details of the type and size of jewellery inside.


Sterile Titanium Jewelled Nose StudsSterile titanium nose studs, with a curved tail for easy fit, are available in 1.0mm gauge. Choose from sterile ball nose studs with 2mm or 2.5mm ball or a sterile jewelled nose stud with a 2mm or 2.35mm clear gem.

TDi’s sterile titanium body jewellery has been independently analysed for sterility by a specialist company whose laboratory is UKAS accredited to ISO17025 and is MHRA approved for microbial monitoring of controlled environments. A copy of TDi’s Certificate of Sterility Analysis can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


Sterile Titanium BCR with Titanium BallSterile titanium ball closure rings (BCR’s) are available in 1.2mm gauge x 8mm-12mm lengths and 1.6mm gauge x 10mm-12mm lengths with either a titanium ball or hematite bead.


Sterile Titanium Dermal Anchor with Jewelled Disk TopSterile titanium jewelled dermal anchors are available in 3 different shaft heights of 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm and feature a 3.5mm disk with sparkly clear gem.


Sterile Titanium Jewelled LabretsSterile titanium labrets are available with ball or gemballs tops.  The sterile jewelled ball labrets are available in 1.2mm gauge x 8mm and 10mm with sparkly clear gem.  The sterile plain ball labrets are available in: 1.2mm gauge x 8mm-12mm lengths with a 3mm ball and 1.6mm gauge x 8mm-10mm length with a 4mm ball.


Sterile Titanium Circular Barbells (CBB) (Horseshoes)Sterile titanium circular barbell’s (CBB’s) are available in 1.2mm gauge x 8mm + 10mm lengths with 3mm balls and 1.6mm gauge x 10mm length with 4mm balls.


Sterile Titanium Surface BarbellSterile titanium surface bars are available 1.2mm gauge x 10mm + 13mm lengths with 3mm balls and 1.6mm gauge x 16mm + 20mm lengths with 5mm balls.

Sterile Titanium Curved Micro Bar 1.2mmSterile titanium curved micro barbells are available in 1.2mm gauge x 8mm – 12mm lengths with 3mm balls.


TDi Body Jewellery’s Certificate of Sterility Analysis TDi Body Jewellery's Certificate of Sterility Analysis