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Surgical Steel Huggie Clicker Ear Ring - Jewelled Star
Material: Surgical Steel (Grade 316L), Type: BCRs, Hinged Clicker Rings and other Rings

This 316L Surgical Steel Jewelled Star Huggy Clicker Ring is available in size 1.2mm gauge, 8mm internal diameter with a Crystal Clear jewel. It can be used in a Helix piercing, Ear Lobe piercing and others. This clicker ring has a hinged catch which clicks shut making it easy to use. Also available in other styles. NB: Sold individually.

this item is NOT suitable for autoclave
NOT suitable for Autoclave.

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thumb gauge length gem top ball bottom ball colour info price
Surgical Steel Huggie Clicker Ear Ring - Jewelled Star - SKU 35721
1.2 8.0 Crystal Clear One ring only
gauge: 1.2mm
length: 8.0mm
gem: Crystal Clear
info: One ring only
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