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About Us

We're TDi Body Jewellery Ltd and we're passionate about piercings!

We're a small and enthusiastic team with a vast knowledge and expertise in wholesaling body piercing jewellery that we've built up over many, many years… since 1997 in fact. Trust me, we've heard it all and there's not much that will raise an eyebrow nowadays!

Here at TDi our aim is to make your life easier… well your business life at least; we're not offering to drive you to work or pick up your carry out! We know that running a business can be fabulous and very rewarding but it can be challenging (a real pain in the butt sometimes)! You're juggling so many balls at the same time; HR, marketing, finance, customers (of course!) and that was all before lunchtime!

Our mission (and we have chosen to accept it!) is to streamline your purchasing with reliable stock provision; get what you need, when you need it. We hold large quantities of stock to ensure you receive exactly what you order and on the rare occasion we don't have something we'll call to let you know, offering a suitable alternative. This puts you in control and gives you the confidence in knowing what you'll receive; there's nothing worse than receiving part of an order with key items missing! You're not happy, we're not happy, pointless!

It's important to us that we get your order to you asap, normally the next working day, if not, most likely the day after; so that's delivery in 1 – 2 working days (UK). This means you don't have to tie up your hard earned £ in holding large quantities of stock. That's one less thing to worry about!

What about the products? We know that you care about the quality of your body jewellery as much as we do. To us, the high quality of our piercing jewellery is essential and that's why we work with the Sheffield Assay Office to ensure all our jewellery conforms to the to the EC Nickel Directive.

Top Tip! We're continually adding so many new products that we can barely keep up! We would love to say that our printed catalogue is up-to-date, but it's not; it just takes too much time, whereas adding products online is quick and easy. So stay ahead of your competitors and always have something new and exciting to offer your customers by regularly checking out our new products page!

We're proud to say we've had some customers with us since we started with just a rucksack of jewellery and bags of enthusiasm; so hopefully we're doing something right! Now we've literally sold millions of pieces of jewellery over the years, worldwide. So thanks to you, our old and new customers, for your support; we couldn't do it without you (no, really!)

  • tel +44 (0)141 332 5900
  • TDi Body Jewellery 2C Eagle Street Craighall Business Park Glasgow, Scotland, UK G4 9XA