Scaffold Industrial Ear Piercings

What is Scaffold or Industrial Piercing?

Scaffold piercing, also known as industrial or construction piercing, is most common in the ear, although I’m sure there will be people who have done this in other locations too!  Generally this is a cartilage to cartilage piercing, joining two or more locations on the outside rim of the ear, although it can also be joined to the tragus.

Industrial Scaffold Piercing Jewellery

The most popular ear piercing jewellery for your scaffold piercing is the barbell.

It’s important to choose the correct length of barbell, too short and it could damage your piercing and even your ear.  Too long and it could get caught on your hair, clothing, or towel when you come out from the shower, you’d be surprised how often this happens!  Also common with nipple piercings – ouch!

All good piercers will mark your ear at both of the points for piercing and if you’re happy with the positioning they will measure the distance to ensure they use the correct length of barbell for your particular piercing.  One size does not fit all!  Everyone has different sized ears and it is dependent on exactly where you choose to position your piercing.

PTFE is an excellent material to use in your newly pierced scaffold piercing as it’s completely bio-compatible and flexible which helps to reduce any tension between the two piercings during healing.

Alternatively it’s common to initially wear BCRs (rings) in each of your industrial piercings then change to a barbell when the piercings have fully healed.

Industrial barbells come in many designs and lengths up to approximately 46mm.  Who says a barbell has to be straight?  You could try one with swirls, curls or spirals.  Or even stars, skull or dice? That’s just the surgical steel barbells!

If you don’t fancy steel, try titanium barbells which come in lengths up to 46mm and in a myriad of colours including blues, purple, rainbow and striped!  If you’re looking for a black industrial barbell go for a PVD coated one.

Industrial Scaffold Piercing Aftercare

Industrial ear piercings are usually through cartilage so they generally take longer to heal than soft tissue piercings.  It is normal for scaffold piercings to take anything from 3 months to a year to heal completely.  As with all new piercings, it’s important to keep them clean.  Check out our blog for full information on how to care for your new piercing.