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9ct Gold (solid) Body Jewellery

Pamper your piercings with solid (not plated) 9ct Gold body jewellery.  Our jewelled 9ct gold nose studs give your nose piercing a delicate sparkle.9ct Gold Clawset Jewelled Nose Stud


Ever wondered why 9ct Gold is called 9 carat?  It’s because 9ct denotes the amount of pure gold in the jewellery (37.5%).  Pure gold has 24 carats in it but it’s just too soft a metal to use for many things including body jewellery.

To alleviate this other base metals need to be added to make it stronger and the percentage of these base metals, in relation to the amount of pure 24ct gold, denote the different carats.

Therefore 9ct gold has 9 parts of gold out of a possible 24 parts (pure gold), so 9ct gold has 37.5% of pure gold in it.  With 12ct gold being 50% pure gold, 14ct gold having 58% pure gold, 18ct gold with 75% pure gold and 24ct gold being 100% pure gold.

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Gold is completely recyclable and has been used as currency since ancient times.  There is also gold in your mobile phone!  Don’t get too excited though, it’s suggested that you would only get 1g of gold in total from 35-41 handsets, but it may cost as much to extract it as it’s worth! So potentially your smartphone may have up to £1 worth of gold in it, not really worth the hassle!

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We also have a larger collection of 18ct gold plated body jewellery for you to choose from.