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TDi Body Jewellery; Experts in Piercing Jewellery Since 1997

Hip, hip, hooray!  It’s our birthday and we’re celebrating 17 years in the business of supplying the very best body piercing jewellery.

With accolades such as…

” You’re so *&**#** awesome!”

“…I’ve worked with you guys for over 10 years and you’ve never let me down”,

… it seems we’re doing something right!

Amazing to think it all started with one rucksack of jewellery and a shed load of determination!  Now we’re wholesaling & retailing worldwide via our website at

We’ve seen many developments in piercing jewellery over the years when steel was pretty much the only choice!    Piercing jewellery is now available in lots of materials including titanium, PVD, acrylic, silicone, bioplast, PTFE (great for pregnancy bars!) & gold plate.

This goes some way to explaining how our product range has grown from 2 sides of a page to over 25,000 pieces!

Also everything is getting bigger!  Barbells used in scaffold piercings are now up to 50mm long and large gauge jewellery for ear piercings go up to a massive 50mm gauge thickness, chunky!

TDi Body Jewellery Ltd LogoAnother change we have welcomed was  the introduction of the EC Nickel Directive in 2001, ensuring high quality materials are used in piercing jewellery to help combat nickel allergies.

Right now the most popular trend is dermal piercing.  It seems like every week we’re adding new dermal anchors, divers & wheels not to mention all their many attachments!  Not surprising really as these wee piercings are so versatile they can be placed almost anywhere and look great to highlight tattoos.

We’ve also embraced social media with our Facebook page featuring the latest jewellery along with the occasional special offer!

As for us, we’re probably fitter and more relaxed than we were 16 years ago, albeit with a few grey hairs!