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Ear Piercings

The practice of ear piercing has been around forever, well almost!  The oldest example, to date, was found in the mummified remains of Otzi the Iceman who is believed to be 5300 years old.  He had an ear piercing of 7-11mm, possibly the first stretched ear piercing too!

Through the ages ear piercings have continued to be popular.  Sailors pierced their ears with gold rings in the hope that their earrings would pay for a Christian burial should their bodies be washed ashore.  Even William Shakespeare had an ear piercing!

Ear piercing is still the most popular body piercing today with lobe piercing being the favourite.   Lobe stretching is going large gauge with stretching jewellery available up to 50mm.  If you don’t fancy stretching your lobe piercing you can always fake it with fake plugs and expanders that look like an 8mm piercing!

There are lots of different ways to pierce your ears including scaffold, rim, diath, rook, tragus, anti-tragus, conch, snug and inner pinner for starters!

Once you’ve decided which ear piercing location you fancy, then comes the fun bit, choosing the jewellery to put in it!  If you know what you want, go straight to the ‘Browse by Type’ section to quickly locate what you’re looking for.  If you’re not sure what you fancy, try the ‘Browse by Body Part’ and choose ‘Ear Piercings’ to see the full range of ear piercing jewellery.