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Brexit: Info for EU Wholesale Businesses

The UK left the EU on 1st January 2021.

Summary of key points

TDi Body Jewellery will continue to offer our best products and services. We look forward to continuing to do business with you.

EU businesses must get an EORI number in order to import orders from TDi Body Jewellery.

Wholesale order will be sent without VAT. EU businesses will need to pay any Duty and VAT due in order to receive their order.

Delivery might take longer – hopefully not much. (Delayed or lost orders can only be replaced or refunded when courier declares package lost).

…..(please read the detail below).


Regardless of whether we wanted it or not, Brexit has now happened. This means there are changes to how we do business with our wholesale customers in the EU. I hope you will be understanding and we can maintain our relationship.

Please note: We are not tax advisors or customs advisors. The following information is intended to help but you should get advice from your accountant or other advisors.

EU Wholesale Customers Importing TDi Body Jewellery Orders:

1. Import Duty:

Import Duty is only charged on orders over £135 (approximately). This is a levy by the EU on imported goods.

Body jewellery is levied at 4%. (See list of Duty Rates below). TDi EU Customers will need to pay any duties due. You are likely to have to pay this before receiving the order. Import Duty is charged on the value of the goods, any local sales taxes and any shipping costs.

List of Import Duty Rates

Body Jewellery: (Duty 4%). This refers to all other body jewellery including wood tunnels etc.

Silver Jewellery:  (Duty 2.5%). This refers to all silver jewellery including gold plated, rose gold plated, etc.

Gold Jewellery: (Duty 2.5%). This is for 9ct studs, gold tops for bioflex (if sold separately) and gold belly bars.

Needles: Duty (0%). This refers to all Braun introcan needles and Needles Blades.

Surgical Tools: (Duty 2.7%). This refers to all surgical tools except scissors.

Scissors: (Duty 4.2%). This only refers to scissors

Calipers/ Verniers: (Duty 2.7%).

Display Boards – Plastic: (Duty 6.5%).

Display Boards – Fabric on card: (Duty 6.3 %)

2. VAT:

TDi Body Jewellery will charge no VAT on orders to the EU. TDi EU Customers will need to pay import VAT at the appropriate rate for your country. You are likely to have to pay this before receiving the order. (If your business is VAT registered, you will be able to set this payment against any VAT due on your normal VAT return). VAT is due on the value of the goods, any shipping costs and any duties paid.

3. Your EORI Number now required before shipping:

EU Customers now need an EORI number. (Economic Operators Registration and Identification system). We require your EORI number before we are able to ship your order as this is required for your order to clear customs.

If you search the internet for ‘EORI’ in your own country you will be able to find how to apply for an EORI number. This is a simple, free and quick process. You need it to be able to work with your country’s Customs Office.

In order to help you we have tried our best to find the relevant link for each EU member country and where you can apply for your EORI number. Please view our EORI Numbers for EU Customers information here for further details.

4. Shipping from TDi Body Jewellery: There will be a number of changes.

Delivery time:

The delivery system is likely to increase as customs in your country will need to process all orders. Sometimes they may also want to inspect the order which will also add time. I expect this will be slow at the beginning of 2021 but hope it will improve over time.

It must be recognised that TDi Body Jewellery will not be able to influence this process.

TDi  Body Jewellery will not be able to make this process faster.

TDi Body Jewellery will not be able to send a replacement order unless it is confirmed as lost by the shipping firm – please note that the Royal Mail does not consider items to be lost until 28 days has past.

Delivery costs:

Shipping costs will be adjusted soon – separate information will follow. For most orders there is unlikely to be any increase in cost. However, for bulkier orders that are low value (eg: sending needles internationally) shipping costs need to increase to reflect the costs.


Some customers prefer to have their orders sent by DPD or UPS. We are happy to do this if you request it but we need to charge the costs incurred.


The process will be slightly more expensive and a bit slower. You will need to be ready for this and please be patient with this system. Ordering further in advance would be wise. We at TDi Body Jewellery still intend to run the business to the best of our abilities, sourcing the jewellery that is good for your business. We will try to provide the best service we can. But there are consequences as the UK has decided to become detached from the EU. We wish you well and look forward to continuing to do business with you from 2021 onwards.

All the best from David and the TDi Body Jewellery team.