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Top 10 Best Selling Labrets/Tragus Bars

Labrets are such a versatile type of jewellery.  They’re not only for the classic labret piercing, but also ideal for Monroe, Madonna, Medusa and “bites” lip piercings.  Not to mention tragus, rim, conch, helix and lobe ear piercings!

But why are they so popular? It’s the flat back, so much more comfortable to wear than a ball.

Here’s our top 10 most popular labrets.

In 10th place; Smooth Glitzy Ball Labret – Clear

Smooth Glitzy Ball Labrets


9th place; BioFlex Push Fit Labret with Claw Set Gem – Clear

Bioflex Push Fit Labret with Claw Set Gem


8th Most Popular; Acrylic Neon Labret – Pink

Acrylic Neon Labret

7th Most Popular; Steel Ball Labret

Steel Labret

6th Most Popular; Steel Labret with Star

Steel Labret with Star

5th Most Popular; Titanium Labret – Gold Colour

Titanium Labret - Gold Colour

4th Most Popular; Steel Internal Thread Labret – Clear

Steel Jewelled Labret - Internally Threaded - Clear

The 3rd Most Popular;  BioFlex Labret with Clear Acrylic Ball (Hide-it!)

Bioflex Labret with clear ball

In 2nd place, the runner up; BioFlex Labret with Clear Disk (Hide-it!)

Bioflex Push Fit Labret with Bioflex Disk

And the winner is ….. Steel Labret with Gecko

Steel Labret with Gecko