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Nose Piercings

Did you know the nostril piercing is the second most popular type of piercing?  Or that nose piercing jewellery has been worn by Indian women for centuries as an integral part of their wedding jewellery.

The most popular nose piercings are the nostril, septum and bridge.  If you’re looking for something a little more unusual how about a vertical bridge/third eye, nasallang, septril, nasal tip/rhino or Austin bar.  Just to get you started!


Nostril Piercings

Titanium Jewelled Nose StudCan be placed on either side of the nose, or both!  The most natural looking location is in the nostril crease although it’s entirely up to you.

Nose piercing jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes with the most popular being the ‘L’ shaped nose stud.  The jewelled nose stud is available in a myriad of sparkling gem colours with non-jewelled styles including hearts, stars, balls and cones.

Nose bones, bar closure rings, BCR rings and open nose rings are also ideal nostril piercing jewellery.

Some people also like to use a crystal ear stud in their nose.  Just remove the butterfly on the back and bend the post to a 90 degree angle and you’re good to go!

Septum Piercings

The septum is the dividing wall, inside your nose, between your nostrils and is most often pierced in the gap between the cartilage and the end of the nose.

The most popular types of septum piercing jewellery are the circular barbell (CBB), BCR ring and steel bulletLong spikes are also great and come in lengths up to 35mm.

Wearing a septum keeper in your piercing can be useful as you can flip it up inside your nose to hide it should you have the need to.

Steel Bullet Septum KeeperOf course you may also like to go large gauge and stretch your septum piercing.  Steel or UV candy claws, along with circular barbells (CBB) and BCR rings are great for this.

Bridge Piercings

The standard bridge piercing (horizontal position) is placed at the top of the nose in the loose skin between the eyes.


PVD Black Steel Open Nose RingThe usual jewellery to wear in your bridge piercing is the barbell, CBB and BCR.


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