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Fake Body Piercing Jewellery

No pain, all gain!  Get the look of large gauge piercings without the waiting, just fake it!

‘Fake’ body piercing jewellery is designed to make it look like your piercing is a large gauge or stretched piercing.  So you will need a pierced ear to begin with!  The jewellery does not make it look like you have a piercing when you do not, it just makes your piercing appear bigger!  Acrylic Fake Spiral ExpandersFake body piercing jewellery is ideal if you want the look of a large gauge piercing but don’t have the time and patience needed to stretch up, or just don’t fancy stretching at all.

Try a fake expander (straight or banana) in organic wood, bone, horn, steel or acrylic.  The neon fake expanders are a firm favourite!Acrylic Neon Fake Ear Plug

Or how about a fake plug?  Choose from logo, glitter, jewelled, PVD black and neon to get you started!Acrylic Neon Fake Straight Stretcher Expander

Not sure if a large gauge piercing will suit you?  Try the look first with fake piercing jewellery in apparent gauges of 4mm, 6mm & 8mm – all with 1.2mm gauge shafts in reality!Sparkle Fake Ear Plug Aqua

Check out our full range of fake piercing jewellery for loads more choice!