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Tongue Piercings

It’s been around for ages, well since ancient times, with both the Aztec and Maya people carrying out tongue piercing during religious ceremonies.

The most popular tongue piercing is a single piercing though the middle of the tongue.  Alternatively two horizontal piercings on either side of the tongue is known as a venom bite.

The same piercings in a vertical manner are sometimes referred to as an angel bite (although this term is more commonly used for a double madonna lip piercing).

UV Pill BarbellWhen you first get your tongue pierced you will be given a much longer length bar than you might expect, this is to compensate for the swelling of your tongue in the first few days.

The swelling can last up to 4 weeks but will subside, at which point your piercer will replace your barbell with a shorter length.  Of course, if you are at all worried about your new piercing you should contact your piercer as soon as you can.

Titanium Barbell 1.6mm 6-16mmFor more information on aftercare for your oral piercing, check out our blog.

The most popular piercing jewellery for your tongue is a barbell and you can choose from loads of different designs including sparkles and stars to zebra stripes and even vibrating!

You can also have your tongue frenulum pierced; this is the bit under your tongue that anchors it to the floor of your mouth.

The most popular types of piercing jewellery for your frenulum piercing are barbells, ball closure rings (BCR’s) and circular barbells (CBB’s) all available in steel, titanium and PVD gold and black.

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