BioFlex Flexible Body Piercing Jewellery

Bioflex Push Fit Labret with Titanium Heart or StarBioFlex is a flexible, bio-compatible plastic that’s perfect for body piercing jewellery.  It’s ideal for people who are allergic to metal jewellery!

BioFlex body jewellery is good for initial piercings as it’s fully autoclavable, withstanding steam sterilisation up to 145C. Acrylic flex picture tongue bar

As it is both lightweight and flexible, BioFlex causes less stress and friction to your piercing and is believed to slow down the rate of jewellery migration.  I’ve even heard that healing time could be reduced by half, now that’s worth a go!

BioFlex labrets are ideal for loads of different piercings from lips to ears and BioFlex tongue bars, with acrylic attachments, have the added bonus that they are less likely to cause damage to your teeth.  What’s not to like?Bioflex Jewel Nose Stud

If nose piercing jewellery is more what you’re looking for try a BioFlex nose stud in one of 5 vibrant colours, I love the bright red one!

BioFlex piercing jewellery is particularly popular for people who enjoy playing sports as it’s so much more comfortable (and flexible!) than metal body jewellery.Bioflex Push Fit Labret with Steel CastingIf you’re more of a beach babe BioFlex piercing jewellery is ideal as it doesn’t conduct heat like metal body jewellery, so you don’t have to worry about your jewellery getting hot under the sun, even if you do!