Christmas Snowflake Body Jewellery Design No.1

We’ve created this glittering xmas snowflake design with body piercing jewellery.  Using an acrylic fake rainbow glitter stretcher, jewelled snowflake belly bar and smooth glitzy ball stud earrings with a jewelled snowflake threaded attachment in the centre.  We have lots more Christmas themed jewellery online!

Snowflake1 created from body piercing jewellery

Acrylic Fake Rainbow Glitter Stretcher Expander - Straight

Acrylic Fake Rainbow Glitter Stretcher

Belly Bar - Jewelled Snowflake

Jewelled Snowflake Belly Bar

Smooth Glitzy Ball Earrings

Smooth Glitzy Ball Earrings

Steel Threaded Attachment - Cast Steel Jewelled Snowflake

Steel Jewelled Snowflake Attachment