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Gold Plated Body Piercing Jewellery

Gold Plated (18ct) Surgical SteelGold plated surgical steel body piercing jewellery is a great and cost effective way to own gold piercing jewellery as it’s not solid gold, but 18ct gold plated onto surgical steel.

Gold has been used by artisans for thousands of years and is one of the widest used metals today being utilised in applications from electrical, telecoms and IT to aircraft, science and jewellery among others.Gold Plated Steel Double Jewelled Belly Bars

Gold is indestructible, totally recyclable and can be hammered and rolled so finely you can see through it. The gold plating method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal is applied via electroplating which was discovered by Alessandro Volta in 1800.Gold Plated Labrets

18 carat gold plated body jewellery is sought after for its shine and colour and is a great alternative to solid gold jewellery which is becoming less affordable with the continued rise in the value of gold.Gold Plated Steel Jewelled BCRs

The Carat (Ct) of gold indicates the percentage of pure gold in the composition.  As pure 24 carat gold is a relatively soft metal it is often combined with other base metals to improve the hardness among other properties.  The percentage of pure gold in the various Carats is approximately 24Ct (100%), 18Ct (75%), 14Ct (58%), 12Ct (50%), 9Ct (37.5%).Gold Plated Balls

Particularly popular in navel and nipple piercings gold plated body jewellery is also ideal for facial piercings.  Choose from jewelled or plain belly bars, BCR rings, barbells and balls.