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Lip Piercing Types

Guide to lip piercings! 

What’s the difference between a Monroe and Madonna? Or a labret and a vertical labret? Not to mention piercing “bites”! Here’s our quick guide to lip piercings.

Labret (Lowbret) Piercings
The labret piercing is pierced through the lower lip. A lowbret piercing is similar but placed at the lowest part of the inside lip.  Labrets are the most popular type of jewellery for this piercing.

Angel Kiss/Vertical Labret + Inverse/Ashley
The vertical labret (angel kiss) piercing is pierced through the lower lip, similar to a labret piercing but exits more vertically through the top of the lip.  The inverse vertical labret (ashley) piercing, is similar to the vertical labret but the top ball exits inside the lip, not outside. Curved bars are the most popular vertical labret jewellery. Black Steel Double Jewelled Curved Micro Bars (Black colour PVD)

Bites Piercings (snake, angel etc)
“Bites” lip piercings are pierced in several locations around the lip each with their own name specifying the location e.g.spider, snake, shark, canine, dolphin, cyber and angel.  BCR’s & other rings, circular barbells (CBBs) and labrets are the most popular bites lip piercing jewellery

Dahlia Piercings
The dahlia piercing is a lip piercing at or near the corner of the mouth on each side.  Labrets are the most popular dahlia jewellery. 

Monroe, Madonna, Medusa/Philtrum Piercings
There are several types of upper lip piercings with the most admired being the Monroe piercing (on the left), Madonna piercing (on the right) and Medusa/philtrum piercing (in the middle).  Labrets are the most popular Monroe/Madonna/Medusa jewellery

Remember! You can customise your jewellery with threaded attachments including jewelled balls!

Good to know! Bioflex body jewellery is ideal for this type of piercing and can speed up the healing process.