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Threadless Body Jewellery

What Is Threadless Jewellery?

Threadless piercing jewellery is an easy to use, push / pull fit style of body jewellery. Just bend the attachment pin and pop into the hollow shaft. No more screwing on balls!

Threadless jewellery consists of two parts. The attachment top with an external pin and the base / back with hollow internal shaft.

Threadless body jewellery is similar to internal thread jewellery, but without the thread (screw part). It also has the same benefit of having no external thread and this makes it easier to glide through your piercing.

So how does threadless jewellery stay together?

The attachment top has an external pin that is held securely inside the hollow shaft by tension. To create the tension between the attachment and the shaft you need to very slightly bend the pin that sticks out of the attachment top.  The curvature between the bent pin and the inside of the hollow shaft creates the tension required to hold the attachment in place.

How do I fit the threadless jewellery together?

1. Insert the attachment with external pin into the hollow shaft about a third or halfway inside.

2. Then gently bend the pin inside the shaft very slightly, as shown in the picture above.

3. Now push the attachment fully inside the base.  You should feel some resistance as you do this.

4. To remove the attachment from the threadless base just grip both parts and pull apart.

TOP TIP – check you are happy with the fitting of the attachment and that you feel it is secure before you pop the jewellery in your piercing as it’s much easier to manipulate before you place in your piercing. 

How much do I need to bend the pin so it’s doesn’t fall apart?

Not much!  Start by making very small adjustments, you can always bend it some more until you can feel the fit is secure.  The bigger the bend, the tighter the fit. 

Be cautious when bending the pin, if you over bend the pin it could make the fit too tight and difficult to remove from the shaft.

Inversely, if the attachment pin is not bent enough, this will mean that the attachment may not be fitted securely.

Why does my threadless attachment not stay in?

You need to bend the pin on the attachment a little more to create more tension between the pin and the internal shaft base to create a more secure fit.  You will be able to feel it getting more difficult to pop in and out the more you bend the pin.

Why can’t I get my threadless attachment out?

Firstly, are you sure it’s a threadless product you have and not a standard screw attachment?  If you are sure you have a threadless product the reason the top is difficult to remove is due to the pin on the attachment being bent too much.

To remove try turning the attachment at the same time as pulling it out from the shaft.  If that doesn’t work getting a good grip with latex gloves might help, washing up gloves are ideal if you don’t have latex gloves to hand.  If that still doesn’t work you can gently use some pliers to grip the attachment, it can be a good idea to pop a piece of paper between the product and the pliers to avoid any potential damage. Then give the attachment a good turn to the side and pull out.  

Watch our YouTube clip on how to use your threadless jewellery 🙂

All our threadless attachments are suitable for use with our TDi threadless labret bases.

N.B. we don’t pre-bend the pin for you to allow you to create the perfect custom fit for your product.